We have extensive knowledge and experience in the NZ tertiary education sector as consultants, managers, researchers, teachers and learners across the full range of tertiary providers

We have wide-ranging practical experience across the field of educational development: qualification, programme and course development; learning design for blended and flexible learning; teacher professional development; technologies for teaching and learning

We offer a facilitative approach that recognises the importance of clearly identifying and leveraging current strengths,  conducting a thorough needs assessment, cultivating self-direction, creating supportive learning environments, and fostering collaboration and interaction

We are able to draw on a range of leadership, coaching and mentoring skills to enhance outcomes for clients and colleagues

How we work

Educational design and development

Development of learning centred programmes and teaching approaches for flexible learning

Tertiary teaching capability building

Development of strategies for improving and monitoring the quality of teaching & learning; Facilitation of professional development – face to face and online



Provide advice, guidance and review of quality of assessment; Facilitation of professional development

Quality improvement
Development of quality processes for continuous improvement of teaching & learning



Support and advice for the development of educational leadership in today’s changing environment – with a focus on excellence in teaching and learning to ensure quality outcomes for learners

What we do

Projects include
  • Ako Aotearoa professional development workshops: Curriculum and Learning Design; Effective Assessment 

  • Consultant to new initiatives in online/networked learning models for tertiary teacher professional development

  • Learning and teaching development workshops for Polytechnics and PTEs

  • Learning design for development of new programmes of study from concept to accreditation – PTE sectorDesign and delivery of tertiary teaching qualifications - ITP

  • Development of an innovative pre-service teacher education programme for primary teachers - ITP

  • ​Facilitating and assessing applicants seeking recognition of prior learning - ITP

  • ​Consortium member for e-Learning development projects for TEC

  • Consortium member for Tertiary Education Commission project to assess the eLearning capability of the NZ Polytechnic sector using the eLearning Maturity Model tool